Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 3

After a fruit, muesli and yoghurt brekkie, I was heading on foot to the BBD neighbourhood, where colonial builings dominate the skyline, including the columns and domed roof of the immaculate white washed GPO and the spire of St Johns Church. I did have a purpose for being here, I was headed to the Houghly River and the flower market below the 'busiest bridge in the world', but first I had to buy a train ticket to Darjeeling. This was my first taste of Indian beaurocracy and the first time in 20 years I saw a BBc computer. I collected my number and sat waiting. Two of the three counters were open but that soon became one even though three operatives were there. Anyway an hour later and I had purchased two of the last three sleeper beds on the Darjeeling Mail leaving tomorrow night. I couldn't walk past the man selling dosa masala, a veg and potatoe mash served in a giant wrap/roti (15Rs) with three dips, I was happy again and washed it down with a sweet yoghurt drink called a 'lassi'. There was no time for the flower market as I had my ticket for take two of the presentation at the planetarium. My guidebook said 'thickly accented english', but for me it was just occasional english which really was a shame because the visual effect was amazing. It was back to Sudder street after that just to relax in familiar surroundings. It had been a very hot day, high 30's and I was really fancying a beer with my curry, but when in Rome etc...

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