Thursday, January 15, 2009

Welcome to the USA

On the 14th December 2008, having spent nearly a year in Latin America, Kerry and I boarded our budget airline and said 'adios'. It was the end of an amazing first part of our journey around the world. A couple of hours later we touched down in Orlando, Florida, welcome to America, a new chapter. Although, I heard more Spanish being spoken here and throughout our time in Orlando, than I did I Cancun, and infact we spoke only in Spanish as we passed through immigration and entered the USA. "Great, we're in!" we thought, "now what...". As is the norm whilst travelling we hadn't booked our nights accomodation but things are much more spread out in Orlando compared to Latin American towns. Anyway three hours later, mostly spent on buses, we checked into a fairly luxurious motel central to the regions attractions. Yes, you guessed it, Disney World.
Ever since Kerry missed a family trip to see Mickey, Donald, Goofy and co. she has wanted to come and play, and be a kid again. As for me, well before hand I thought, this really isn't for me but I was happy to be there with Kerry, however she was so excited about the whole thing, I was worried she might wet herself when she saw Mickey, Donald, Goofy and co.
So, everyone knows what Disney World is all about, I wont bore you with the details. I'll just say that my opinion of it being totally for kids and a big rip off was pretty wrong. There is no hard sell at all, everything was competitively priced and the place is as much for adults as it is children. The bottom line is we both had an amazing time and it was a great experience to be there so close to Christmas, it just added to that magaical vibe in the air. Cheers Walter.

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